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My Articles

Here are some of the more popular articles I've written. Since I've sold them, I cannot reproduce them on this page however you can see samples by clicking on the appropriate button.


Find out about what living with this widespread but seldom mentioned illness is like. Read how easy it is to get it and how impossible it is to get rid of it.

Lymphedema - Treatment

Lymphedema treatment is for life. Treatment needs to be daily otherwise a life-threatening infection can occur.

Worst killers - Thomas Hamilton

This was a very short piece I did for a client who was compiling a database of serial killers and mass murderers - nice!

What makes a gentleman?

This was a blog I did for a client who wanted to allude to the need for male hygiene and grooming.

Curb appeal

This was another blog I did for this client. It's all about how us men should see the way we present ourselves as being akin to the way used car dealers sell their merchandise!

Binge drinking causes high blood pressure

If you binge drink, your risk of heart disease is massively increased. This is a news piece I wrote.

Left on the shelf

A blog about the new Legal Services Act (so-called Tesco's Act) whereby solicitors are going to be forced to join forces with major retailers in order to remain competitive.

Comfort eating

An article about the dangers, causes and treatment of comfort eating.


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