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My Websites

Here is a summary of the websites I am involved in.

Anysubject Ltd - - a free information site largely to do with education but now extending to cover a multitude of other issues. Two of the principal pages on it are the Helpful Guides pages - and which have literally hundreds of useful and education articles about important day-to-day issues.

Poem and Poet - - a free poetry site where people are encouraged to send in poetry together with the story behind it. How often have you read a poem but not really appreciated it because its contents haven't really meant much to you?

Italyhouse - - the story of our new home in Umbria plus information about living in Italy. This is life beyond the guide book. The nitty-gritty of coping with Italian red tape and their sometimes laid back, sometimes rigid attitudes. We also tell you about the area and the local flora and fauna.

Montreal - - I inherited this site and have built it to a reasonable level. It has lots of useful information about Montreal - if I ever go there, I shall be sure to read it through again first!

Interior design and interior decorating - - loads of information about do-it-yourself and becoming an interior designer.

Free Dating Site - - We met through a dating agency and it seemed the natural thing to do was to set up a free service to help people meet each other.


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